LLR Archive Research

We are searching for previous owners of artwork by LLR for our archive. Artwork primarily sold in the late 1970s through 1987 in New Jersey and New York City. Ellen Sragow was his art dealer in New York City in the mid 1980s. If you own a painting by LLR or have info on some of his paintings please contact us. Thank you.

About LLR

Lewis_france_low-resLewis Lanza Rudolph 1949-2012

The Lewis Lanza Rudolph website has been developed for several reasons.

My hope is to reintroduce my brother Lewis, and his artwork, through social media.  My brother was a gifted abstract artist and breathing life back into the art, after decades of its being stored in his home and garage, is a journey I accepted after his death.

I will share this personal ongoing journey through a blog and on the Lewis Lanza Rudolph Facebook page. Dates of future exhibits and a photo journal of each event will be added as they are booked.

He was reclusive. Lewis never owned a credit card, computer, or cell phone.   He had no long distance and kept his phone unplugged unless he was anticipating a phone call.  This means I would need to write him and mail a letter in advance to ask if I could visit or to arrange a phone call with him.

I loved my brother and want to honor his memory in my quest to release his abstract paintings. I have been a registered nurse for 41 years and it was suggested that I am preforming CPR on Louie’s life’s work.  That is not true.  His paintings are as fresh and alive as they were the day they were painted. True, some have sustained damage from being left uncovered in his basement, attic, and upstairs bedrooms, but there were many that he protected to the best of his ability in a dark garage.

In the late 1970’s through the 1980’s, Lewis beat the pavement traveling to New York City twice a month leaving slides representing his paintings at gallery’s around New York City.  His resume’ on this website shows his early success.  Why he stopped is a mystery that I am hoping will be revealed in time.

In addition to Lewis’s online gallery, this website will share my ongoing journey with the viewer/reader.  It was overwhelming at times trying to figure out what to do with all of the art that had been left in my care following his passing. The journey is far from over.

Our vision at LLR:
-Honor Lewis Lanza Rudoph’s memory
-See Lewis Lanza Rudolph recognized for his talent as an abstract artist of his time
-Continue to prepare Lewis artwork for public exhibits
-Take a retrospective exhibit back to its place of origin in Monmouth County New Jersey
-Exhibit his paintings again in New York City and New Jersey
-Sell or auction some of the abstract paintings
-Provide scholarships and grants in his memory with some of the proceeds from his paintings
-Publish a catalogue of his paintings as well as offer some fine art prints through this website

Our progress has not been without guidance from several people.  Our son, Peter, provides all our design needs out of love and admiration for his uncle Lewis.  It is such a joy to work with Peter on this project as he designs and administrates this website.

April Koppenhaver, from Mulberry Art Studio, opened my eyes that this was more about honoring the memory of my brother and less about selling the art.  She was the first person who offered me an invitation to honor Lewis with an exhibit. I have been grateful for the time April has sat with me reviewing Lewis’s paintings and sketches .

A short note to my brother dated 1992 from artist curator Franc Palaia found among Lewis’s papers prompted a Google search for Franc’s contact information.  From our first email, Franc has literally guided my husband, Bruce, and I through the many cumbersome steps that have been involved to this point in launching the art.  I call Franc my “Sophisticated Mentor”. He was a longtime friend to Lewis and has become a friend to my husband and I in this process. Franc was my first connection to Lewis as an artist.  I only knew Lewis the big brother. Franc’s insight and direction have been our guidebook on the journey. Thank you Franc.

We invite you to visit the LLR (Lewis Lanza Rudolph) website as we continue to prepare and place additional abstract paintings and artwork into his gallery.

In memory of Lewis.
Submitted by Denise Ecenroad
His younger sister