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We are searching for previous owners of artwork by LLR for our archive. Artwork primarily sold in the late 1970s through 1987 in New Jersey and New York City. Ellen Sragow was his art dealer in New York City in the mid 1980s. If you own a painting by LLR or have info on some of his paintings please contact us. Thank you.

Blog 8 – Finding Ellen Sragow


Walking on the Edge of the Moonlight. Painted 1983 finished in 1986 oil and wax on masonite.

Finding Ellen Sragow has been another marker on the journey to my brother’s legacy. Using an old invitation card from an exhibit Lewis presented at Sragow Gallery in New York City in the 1980’s, I was able to research and locate Ellen Sragow.

Ellen was not only a “fan” of my brother Lewis, but through her correspondences, I have come to realize Ellen was my brothers New York City Art Dealer in the 1980’s. In one of her first emails Ellen wrote, “When I showed Lewis works I felt he was one of the best abstract painters I had seen in a long time.”

Ellen has corresponded with me over the past few months. She has joined Franc Palaia in advising me what museums in New Jersey to approach to request exhibiting Lewis’s abstract art. Like Franc, she has offered her name as a reference and an introduction to curators and directors of New Jersey venues on behalf of Lewis.

Extending kindness in this way has meant a lot to me. Ellen was thrilled to view our newly published website www.lewislanzarudolph.com The encouraging response she emailed to me stated, “These are wonderful paintings, mature, beautiful color, beautifully painted surfaces and a totally unique and personal style. I liked them when I showed them and I like them now. They look very fresh, as if they were painted yesterday.”

There are times I view Ellen’s advice as the voice of my brother. One decision Peter, Bruce, and I considered came to an abrupt halt when Ellen shared her opinion in an email. Ellen wrote back in capital letters. “He would have said NO to this.” A short time later Franc concurred with Ellen’s direction and advice. I trust Ellen and Franc, knowing they have Lewis’s reputation and post humous “career” at the heart of their advice.

I suspected it would be difficult to navigate the world of art. On this second leg of my journey both Franc Palaia and Ellen Sragow continue to encourage and guide me. In addition, they are standing with me offering recommendations in support of my brother’s talent. How helpful in this intimidating process.

While I continue to reach out and attempt to find other people from my brother’s past, I find it is a treasure, a gift truly, to meet folks who knew Lewis the artist. Thank you Frank Palaia and Ellen Sragow for your continued mentoring skills as I continue on this journey A Brothers Legacy.

Finding Ellen from Sragow Gallery, New York City, has been a pleasant road marker in my journey of releasing my brother’s art.

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